industrieplatz hessen

Industrial sectors

Industrial sectors

The importance of industry to the economy of Hessen

Of the 2.2 million total workers subject to social insurance contributions in June 2012, 356,000 were employed in industry, which translates to almost one in every five jobs in Hessen. In 2006, Hessen generated taxable revenues of almost 460 billion euros, a third of which can be attributed to industry.

Industry in Hessen covers a very broad spectrum, but some key aspects can be seen: Of the approximately 356,000 workers identified statistically as working in manufacturing in Hessen in 2012, 70 per cent were working in just five areas:

production of chemical products (chemical and pharmaceutical industry); metal production and processing, manufacture of metal products (metal industry), production of office machines, data processing devices and systems, electronics, precision engineering and optics (electronics industry); machine and vehicle construction (including automotive, aerospace, and rail). Of the 95 billion euros in total revenues generated by manufacturing in Hessen, these branches of industry account for 75 per cent.

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