industrieplatz hessen



Hessen is open for business

As a place for business, Hessen is distinguished by its exceptional location within the European market. Since the second EU expansion to the east in 2007, the geographical centre of the European Union can be found in Hessen, approximately four kilometres south of Gelnhausen in the Main-Kinzig region of Hessen. Within a radius of 200 km around Frankfurt, 35 million people can be reached.

The excellent transportation infrastructure here also allows the location to be exploited to the fullest extent. Frankfurt Airport provides Hessen with Europe’s number one freight airport and number two passenger airport, with multiple direct connections daily to Asia, America, Africa and Australia. The major motorways A3, A4, A5 and A7 are among the most travelled north-south and east-west routes in Europe.

Frankfurt train station is the largest and busiest in Europe. The water route from the North Sea to the Black Sea goes through the middle of Hessen. Countless internationally active industrial and service companies either have their headquarters in Hessen or have an important branch location here in order to serve the German and/or European markets. Frankfurt is the most important centre of finance in continental Europe and hosts major international events such as the International Auto Show and the annual book fair.


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