industrieplatz hessen

What’s still to be done

1.    Shift attitudes

  • Communications offensive
    “Industry as a solution to the problems associated with a modern world”

2.    Secure resources

  • Exercise political influence to realise energy revolution properly, without serious disadvantages to Hessen as a place of industry: Moratorium for renewable energy law (EEG), new market design for energy mix
  • Maximize innovation potential for storage, control and network methods as well as energy efficiency
  • Targeted efforts to secure the supply of raw materials
  • Transform Hessen into the preferred location for companies that research materials (catchphrase: expand ‘Materials Valley’) 

3.    Tap into something new

  • Implement Hessen Innovation Strategy 2020
  • Support the introduction of tax incentives for R&D
  • Establish an innovation learning network (catchphrase: ‘Open Innovation’)
  • Promote plans for the Hessen patent exploitation fund through to fruition and link them to the EU research agreement (funded with 22 billion euros as a PPP) for the purposes of supporting clean air traffic, fuel cell technology, innovative medicine, electronics and biotechnology.
  • Anchor industry within the educational canon
  • Secure skilled labour (catchphrase: implement the findings of the skilled labour commission)


4. The new industry

  • Gradually link Hessen industry (especially SMEs) to the Industry 4.0 platform
  • Training and professional development: Intensify integration of vertical software into curriculum
  • Manufacturing systems: Promote research and implementation

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