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    Hessen – Industrial policy dialogue has started

    The society’s belief in the regional industry requires a permanent dialogue as well as a constant feedback by the industry on social matters.Learn more

Hessen Industry Initiative

Although the proportion of overall value creation accounted for by pure manufacturing industry in Hessen is shrinking at an above-average rate, there is nowhere else that industry-related services are growing so strongly.

A study entitled “Industrial Cores in Hessen – Potential for the Future” by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW) has highlighted the opportunities and risks involved in this structural shift. The study and its constructive findings form the basis for the Hessen Industry Initiative, which has been set up by the Hessen Business Association, its affiliates, companies in Hessen and the Hessen Ministry of Economics.

The initiative was showcased at the 15th Hessen Entrepreneurs Day.The goals of the initiative include increasing the commitment to Hessen as a location, strengthening Hessen as a place of industry and developing Hessen further as a model region for intelligent networking for the industrial and service sectors. A service sector cannot succeed without a dynamic industrial core.

Conversely, industry-oriented services are an integral part of industrial value creation. And it is just this collaboration between the industrial and service sectors that is to be supported by, among other things:

  • a clear focus on increased innovation and export,
  • supporting the creation of more clusters within sectors and regions, and
  • a seamless connection to the federal government’s high-tech initiatives.

The location requires close collaboration between the industrial economy and the government – not in the sense of a planned economy, but rather as an alliance between business and government with the aim of dynamic development of the area. If these are the kind of goals that attract you, please join us.


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